Jen’s paper which she spearheaded with Dain was accepted today in JACS. MILRad Mechanism and Scope. Stay tuned, will come out soon :) Congrats to all the Harth group members and collaborators at DOW and Texas A&M :) Very happy about the outcome and time to celebrate!

Collaborative paper with DOW was published in ACS Analytical chemistry. Dain and Jen contributed on providing polyolefin derivatives for the analytical study. Congrats!

Breyinn’s and Miryam’s paper was published in JMC-B! Result of a great collaboration with the University of Strasbourg and the Schaaf lab! Many thanks and congratulations!

Glen’s and Hatice’s paper about the first (true) isomerization polymerization of olefins is published in the Angewandte Chemie! And is HOT PAPER! Congratulations!