Eva Harth

Eva studied chemistry at the University of Bonn, Germany and the University of Zurich, Switzerland. She obtained her PhD in 1998 from the MPI for Polymer Research in Mainz, Germany (PI Muellen).

A postdoctoral fellowship with CPIMA  (NSF-Center for Polymer Interfaces and Macromolecular Assemblies) brought her to the IBM Almaden Research Center, CA, USA (PI Hawker).

In 2001, she joined XenoPort, Inc. as Staff Scientist and started in 2004 her academic career at Vanderbilt University as Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemistry. In 2011 she was promoted to Associate Professor with tenure.

In 2017 she moved to the University of Houston, TX and was appointed as Full Professor and serves as the Director of the Center of Excellence in Polymer Chemistry, funded by the Welch Foundation and the University of Houston.

She is a Fellow of the RSC (2017) and ACS (2021) and received in 2018/2019/2020 faculty achievement awards (50 in 5) from UH. She has served as an Associate Editor for the RSC (Polymer Chemistry) and is currently an Associate Editor for Elsevier (European Polymer  Journal).

Graduate students and Postdocs who are interested in joining the lab, please contact Eva Harth.